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Space Shuttle to come to aircraft carrier museum

The U.S.S. Intrepid — a World War 2 era aircraft carrier turned Manhattan museum — has always been pretty cool. You can’t really get a sense of aircraft carrier size without being on one. (It looks bigger than you’d think when you first set eyes on it, but it seems cramped when you look at how folks actually live on them.)

But the folks who run the museum have worked hard to expand beyond the basics and make it a truly world class draw. First, they got a pristine Concorde — history’s only supersonic passenger plane — and opened it up for tours. Now, they’ve apparently landed the Space Shuttle Enterprise, which NASA is giving away now that the Space Shuttles are all being decommissioned.

The news isn’t official yet, but apparently the Smithsonian will get one of the other two. The Enterprise will be displayed on a new pier that will be built next to the Intrepid, which sits in the Hudson at 42nd Street. No word on when it will arrive and open to the public.

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