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Forever 21 in Times Square outdraws the Statue of Liberty

Granted, the comparison is rigged because the Statue of Liberty places strict limits on visitor numbers and it closes well before 2 a.m. But even when you account for all of that, Forever 21 may still come out the winner because the numbers aren’t even close.

About 14,000 people visited the statue every day last July, while about 100,000 daily visitors are expected on a typical day at the new Forever 21 on Times Square.

If you are not a 16-year-old girl and do not associate with any 16-year-old girls, you may not know that “Forever 21″ is the name of a clothing store described brilliantly in this post by Cintra Wilson:

Reduced to its essential nature, Forever 21 is an Americanized version of Topshop, the British chain that makes a killing with designer knockoffs. Forever 21 refines this business plan into an even more lethal form of consumer crack: It makes knockoffs of Topshop knockoffs, and sells them even cheaper.

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